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  Foshan Zhengda Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Group) Company--one of the most successful agents and investors in electrical equipment and materials market was established in May 1997. Being a privately owned joint-stock company of clear property right. By fully applying the modern times enterprise system and laborious carving out, now the company is growing up.
  The subordinate company of Zhengda (Group) company including: Zhengda Mechanical & Electrical Fittings Co., Ltd, Zhengda Mechanical & Electrical Bearing Co., Ltd, Zhengda Air-Compressor Equipment Co., Ltd, Zhengda Gongben Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, Mechanical and Electrical Investment Company, Shunde filial company and Dongguan filial company, etc. And there are many subordinate offices in China. The company has more than 300 employees; including nearly 200 college and university technocrats and sales engineers.
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